Friday, January 20, 2006

Boycott Bellsouth

Everyone is going on and on about the Bellsouth drama where the good old boys at BellSouth are trying to charge (blackmail) internet companies a premium for using Bellsouth's backbone.

You can all pontificate about these blowhards at BellSouth all you want but my strategy is more straightforward.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Get rid of DSL and switch to a cable modem, satellite or anything except DSL.

Toss your landline phone in the trash and use VoIP, cell or anything else as long as it isn't BellSouth.

We aren't in BellSouth territory, we're in PacBell country, but we were also sick of all their overpriced services so we virtually freed ourselves of all RBOC services except a bare-bones $25/month landline mostly for incoming calls and emergency backup for internet dialup for those rare times when the cable modem goes offline.

Besides, we have a better phone service package with our cell phone so they can take all their overpriced features and go pound sand.

Basically, if people bail from BellSouth in masses they will get the message loud and clear when those year end multi-million dollar corporate bonus packages the execs are fond of go down the crapper.

This isn't the 80's anymore and pretending to be a monopoly when you really aren't is just stupid.

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