Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Competitor Jumped the Shark

Nothing makes your morning like waking up to find an email from your competitors latest mass mailing explaining how he's working on his web site and all these improvements and fear sinks into your gut that you're about to be destroyed by something awesome.

You click the link with dread expecting to see COMPETITION 2.0 and as luck would have it you see HILARIOUS 2.0 instead.

I swear on a stack of religious mumbo jumbo that this guy used to have a site I considered a threat and now it looks more like some high school kid is doing his web design and things are broken all over the place.

Either he's thrashing trying to get some juice out of his site or he's lost his mind and it's about to go down in flames but either way it looks like a win-win for me based on what I'm seeing.

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