Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sirius-ly Folks, Stern Rulez

Since Howard Stern has left the airwaves my wife is having withdrawl like a junkie as she finally realized that not only is Howard missing during her morning commute but the Best of Stern is also not on and after listening to Stern for more than 15 years she decided she needed her morning fix for Stern since she doesn't drink coffee.

Today, 2 days before he premieres on Jan 9th, we run around from store to store like assholes trying to buy a last minute Xmas present because everyone is sold out of all the good Sirius models and the home docking stations. Nobody had anything but the crappiest cheap Sirius models my wife didn't want, not Circuit City (more coming Tuesday!), not Best Buy, not even our neighborhood Target that said they had them when we called and we go there to find out the pimple headed freak didn't now shit from shinola as all they had in stock was XM.

Whoever said the public is over Stern and nobody would follow him to satellite is out of their fucking minds as these stores told us everyone was making a run on these Sirius radios just to hear Howard next week.

Finally, we find that Fry's Electronics in Palo Alto still has a couple of limited models in stock and only the car model, not the home docking station, so we make a mad dash down 101 to get to Fry's before they're sold out as well and walk out semi-satisfied with a unit for the car.

Now for the fun part!

It's night and quite dark outside when wifey heads out to install/activate her new Sirius unit while I'm sitting here banging away on the keyboard. About 10 minutes later she comes fuming back into the house with the Sirius and all the wires and shit going "This unit is dead, doesn't even work out of the box".

For some reason [self preservation?] it seemed like it was time to get involved so I go over and examine everything she's brought with her back into the house and something odd catches my eye in that there are TWO car adapter jacks and one of them ends with the connector for her cell phone.

Tempting fate "Um, honey, did you try to actually plug this in or were you trying to charge your phone?" and with that "OK, let me try it." grabbing all the unit and cables, sans the phone charger, and heading to my car.

Plugged everything in and it powered up first time!

Amazing how it works when you actually have the right adaptor plugged into the car.

What was even more amazing is the Sirius really did what they claim and worked first time with no problems transmitting over the FM radio in the car or directly via a cassette adapter.

We went out for a quick 30 minute drive up in the hills (mountains for most of you) and down by the bay and the reception was flawless in all terrains we tested in that short jaunt so we were impressed.

Now we'll stay tuned for the Monday broadcast of Stern and see what happens!


Anonymous said...

The very first time I ever saw or heard Stern was on some music award show televised on MTV. He was wearing some outrageous outfit that allowed everyone to view his bare behind. After that exceedingly disgusting sight I never had any desire to hear or see the man ever again. The thought still makes me want to barf.

Mountains = High Sierras here. Anything else = foothills. Still want to call them mountains?

IncrediBILL said...

The Fart Man schtick was just that, a stunt, it was kinda lame even.

The daily radio show is much more interesting, where else can you hear George Takei admit he's "versatile" and can give it as good as he takes it?