Thursday, January 05, 2006

Massive Search Engine Bounce Back!

Mind blowing results that my positions and traffic in the search engines seem better than ever since fixing that little BUG that almost de-listed my site entirely. Very odd behavior seeing traffic levels rise above their previous levels as my pages rapidly return to all their former positions and some new bonus positions.

More importantly, for some reason this morning AdSense seems to be giving me $1/click so it's possible smart pricing was reset when the Google Mediabot couldn't crawl the site for a few days.

Kind of a web based version of a high colonic seems to have cleansed the search engines.

Maybe de-listing a few thousand pages every now and then is good for a web site?

Don't think we'll be testing that theory soon!


Anonymous said...

I would certainly be interested in hearing the results of those tests Bill. Be a bit scarey testing that on money pages though.


Anonymous said...

"AdSense seems to be giving me $1/click"

Is that lower or higher than you were getting before?

IncrediBILL said...

I tend to average about $0.20 at the end of the day but it started out with about 50 $1 clicks which I haven't seen in ages.

Maybe it's the keyword movement after the pages being re-instated, maybe it's the Mediabot getting back up to speed, maybe it's just new advertising budgets in 2006.

I was just surprised to see it and it seemed like to much of a coincidence with the timing.