Friday, January 06, 2006

A Tad Pompous

Here's a little office mind fuck I did about 15 years ago that is still somewhat amusing.

One of the software engineers I'll call "John Jingleheimer" [not his real name] just got his new name placard for his cube.

I walked up while he was sitting at his desk and read it out loud for all to hear "JOHN J. JINGLEHEIMER, PHD" then just to mess with his mind muttered "Well, isn't that just a little pompous" and walked off.

A week or so later I walked by his cube and the name plate just said "JOHN JINGLEHEIMER" and I stopped dead in my tracks, barely able to contain myself, and said "John, why did you change your name plate?"

John says "I overheard your comment and thought you were right that brandishing my PhD on my name plate was a bit pompous"

To which I replied "Hell John, you earned that PhD and should proudly display it. I just thought that middle initial 'J' sounded a bit snooty!" and walked off leaving John gape mouthed realizing that he'd been set up.

Sometimes I'm just a bad boy.

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