Monday, January 16, 2006

Who's Yer Daddy?

Did anyone notice advertising on the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem SEO contest?

So just to be a me-too I put up one serious ad:

Publishers Earn More
Free report on maximizing your ad
revenue - nothing to purchase

Then I put up one to make them go HUH?

Cat Tales of Horror
Cuddly Pets Terrorize Owners
Laugh, Cry, Run for your Lives
What possesses me to do this shit?

I'm old enough to know better, but spending my own money just to make people go "what the fuck is wrong with him?" may be a little over the top even for me ;)


Anonymous said...

Kill it, yer stoppin me.

You need to get out. Get some air. Lay off the sauce.


IncrediBILL said...

I'll probably lose my AdWords account over this crap.

The last two were priceless:

Read My Stupid Blog
All Sorts of Junk, even SEO
No Selling, No Ads, No Purpose


Makes It's Own Gravy
Seriously, what kind of ads did
you expect on gibberish searches?

Anonymous said...

Hey no rank for you I'm starting my blog scraping system up gonna Googlewash your rants.

I love the ads, first truthful ones I've seen, is anyone clicking on them?

IncrediBILL said...


Believe it or not, people actually click on ads in an SEO content area labelled "Makes It's Own Gravy" so obviously people will just click on any old shit.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I just had to click to see what the heck Cats had to do with the contest. You paid good money to make me go "What the fuck?"

IncrediBILL said...

Today I took it to the next level with a new ad:

You Have No Life
That's Why You're Here
Reading My Blog Will Prove It

baraqyal said...

That's hilarious. What was the bid? $0.05?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill I guess the recursive descent ad clicker works huh?

Why would G cancel your Adwords account? You are trolling for clicks just like every other ad buyer.

IncrediBILL said...

More fun added today:

Only One Winner
The rest of you will be shamed
and doomed to a life of failure.


AdSense Makes You Fat
This SEO Contest Will Also Make
Your Butt Spread, Take a Walk!