Thursday, March 09, 2006

Matt Cutts Confirms People Are Stupid

Rarely do I write about something posted on someone else's blog but Matt's post about "How to sign up for WebmasterWorld" is absolutely priceless. According to Matt the problem arises when he references people to WebmasterWorld and then people write to him asking if there is a way to get into WebmasterWorld for free because the login screen implies you have to pay to join.

Let's give Brett Tabke kudo's for such brilliant marketing to underplay the free registration to access WebmasterWorld because there is a lot of valuable information over there and after all, he's running a business and not a charity. He once told me how much he pays a month for his servers and bandwidth and it's a shitload. I can't really say I blame Brett for making people think they need to open their wallets to get inside.

After a small amount of begging and pleading with Matt to kill the thread, I realize he's just too nice a guy to the people he's trying to help and isn't concerned that he's foisting idiots onto WebmasterWorld that can't even figure out a simple IQ test to get inside.

According to Matt:

if I wanted to post a pointer to a WMW thread, I didn’t want to get “how do I do it?” questions. And I’ve seen that from some people with high IQ.
Well just how freaking smart can they be Matt?

If you put cheese in a maze even a rat can find it eventually if they're hungry enough so why coddle these whiners that can't even help themselves to a free registration?

Not that I mind helping people, but I draw the line at holding their hands and wiping their asses when all they need to do is read and click, it's nothing mind bending.

If you want coddling then Matt's your guy, and a nice one too, no question about it.

I'll continue challenging people to think for themselves as I'm a firm believer in that teach a man to fish theory.


Jon said...

That's funny, because I didn't really read the post (I just scanned it). I just saw it as a cool shout out to WebmasterWorld, and to remind people to sign up for the next pubcon in Boston.

Anonymous said...

Unfortuantly, many surfers still feel every thing on the web should be free. I am amazed at the number of folks in the world who simply do not understand how we pay for a web service.

Anonymous said...

Matt's blog is freakin cool. 99% of the people reading it never see the underlying messages and dry humor.

As for WMW, it's a daily visit for me - especially the AdSense forum.

Great blog Bill. Got you bookmarked. One tip tho: you may want to think about livening it up a little by putting some emotion into it - maybe a little swearing now and then to get your points across. ;-)

Anonymous said...

But what Matt wasn't bargaining for was that the same people who can't read at WMW won't take the time to read on his blog either. Problem not solved.

Anonymous said...

It's kudos--plural, not possessive.

We all have little quirks that drive us crazy.

IncrediBILL said...

I'm thinking it's kiss my singular ass, typos happen, not like blogger has an integrated spell or grammer checker.