Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Funny Funny Scraper Shit

Well, my scraper challenge page contains a URL in the sticky challenge loop that can vary per page that let's a human get past right away but keeps spiders looping until they try to index that particular new link, which would let them pass if they indexed it quickly, which of course is too late by the time they actually index it and are locked out for a while.

Ok, now the funny shit, these idiot spiders are now coming back looking for this link as an actual page so if you're not already in the sticky spider loop and ask for the page directly, WHAMMO!, you go DIRECTLY TO JAIL, DO NOT SCRAPE PAST GO, DO NOT SCRAPE 200 PAGES!

It's like a high-tech comedy show at times and you just sit back sipping bourbon waiting for the first asshole to set foot in the latest snare.

Ah, my side is killing me from laughing so hard at these fucking idiots.

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