Monday, March 06, 2006

Alexa Bowling for Matt Cutts

Don't know who did it or how they did it but it was a stroke of genius to load Alexa up with a bunch of related sites for Matt Cutts that are obviously spam.

Wonder how hard this was, just write a script using the MSIE toolkit with Alexa's toolbar installed to just referer spam the crap out of his site?

Is it possible from a single IP to game Alexa or would someone need to enlist a legion of anonymous proxy servers to pull this off?

Or, could it be so simple that someone has dissected the Alexa toolbar API and just fed it a load of junk about Matt?

We may never know unless someone confesses but I'm thinking it might be worth a giggle to try and see what it takes to make something like that happen.

Good thing I'm not bored today!


Anonymous said...


That is just the crew from all of the SEO/Webmaster forums going back to work after reading the latest on Matt's blog.

Anonymous said...

Excellent reasoning by thebear

IncrediBILL said...

Looks like Alexa has fixed this now - Damn, I'll take screen shots from now on.