Friday, March 10, 2006


We're moving into the next phase of bot busting and need your help!

Anyone out there willing to open their access logs to let the Mad Scientist take a peek by letting my scraper analyzer comb a months worth of data to see what kind of shit is hitting your fan?

I would be interested in other sites that generate traffic from 100K-400K visitors a month on this first pass but won't turn down 1M+ visitors either. Your site and traffic will be kept 100% confidential with only vague statistical data comparisons used from the final analysis.

The purpose of this experiment is to see if you're being abused by the same IPs and agents, to see if there is commonality in the spider traps being used, etc. and if not, WHO is abusing you and would my current scripts stop them dead in their tracks.

Basically, this is a quest for help to build the bot blocker Rosetta Stone.

In return you'll get a report of all potentially bad activity happening on your server that you could take action against immediately.

If you wish to contact me privately and anonymously, not in blog comments, then I suggest private mail to IncrediBILL on SearchEngineWatch, WebmasterWorld and ThreadWatch.

When we have enough sample subjects we'll post a comment here that we're closed for submissions.

Be a part of internet history that's about to unfold, submit your logs today!

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Anonymous said...

WMW saying your sticky is full.
Email me.