Friday, July 21, 2006

Huge Yahoo SERP Upheavals or just a Tweak?

The other day I was posting a about my position in Yahoo for the silly term "Lava Pockets" and suddenly today it shot all the way down to #133. I see our old snack food friend Hot Pockets is still holding strong at #20 but they dropped the hammer on my ass.

Could it be they got pissed at my post and gave me a hand job?

Probably not because I started looking around and noticed someone on WebmasterWorld posted today about many blogs appear to have plunged suddenly in Yahoo and others suggested it was a tweak. Not sure it's just a tweak as some of my SERPs not related to any blogs moved up and down all over the place.

Looks like Yahoo has installed the new much anticipated "amusement park" algorithm as that's the only explanation I can find for the constant rollercoaster results this month.

Stay tuned as Yahoo's next algorithm is rumored to be tied to their stock price.

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