Thursday, July 20, 2006

MetagerBot powered by Exalead - First Look

Looks like I'm on the bleeding edge with MetagerBot as there's almost a void of information about this bot that comes calling from the University of Hannover. [] requested 1 pages as "MetagerBot/0.8-dev (MetagerBot;; )"
The part that I'm confused about is what do they need their own bot for as they're claiming to be a meta search engine powered by Exalead?

Some references indicated they were using [big shock] nutch:
metagerbot/0.8-dev-mnebel-20050827 (mgbot;;
Played around with their search for a bit and it did cough up a few new things of interest I hadn't encountered, but it was slower than shit most of the time and waiting on results can be a bit tedious.

So does this mean we should let Exalead crawl?

No clue.

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