Thursday, July 20, 2006

Robots, Spiders and Dumbass Delphi Clients, OH MY!

Never heard of this one but out of the blue someone in France hit me with TALWinHttpClient which is some Delphi plug-in and the French must be the only ones still clinging to Delphi as nobody worth a hookers time still uses that shit. [] requested 1 pages as "Mozilla/3.0 (compatible; TALWinHttpClient)"
Figures, something comes crawling from France and puts up a white flag after just one page.

C'est la vie.



Olliver said...

Actually there are some Delphi enthusiasts over in Russia:
The famous Browsezilla pr0n browser is written in that language. Consequently it gets caught in an infinite loop (eating up 95%+ processor time) once it tries connecting to a website whilst being offline.

This looping "feature" seems to be specific to Delphi in general as I've seen it in other applications as well. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Heh we've still got some old apps written in Dephi here at our office :)

Anonymous said...

you're showing your ignorance there.
that component could just as well
have been used in a C++ app
as an object pascal app.

delphi's great, incidentally,
most of the abandoners have gone
on to java or c#,
slower, crashier, dumber than a
box of rocks, but not a hint of NIH
in sight, right ? :)

IncrediBILL said...

You're showing your ignorance that anyone gives a shit about Delphi or that stupid module. It was just a comment in passing as nobody was going to spend much time researching some crappy scraper tools and the company that created the module didn't seem to exist anymore.

True, it could've been used in just about anything but the only references left on the 'net to this extinct tool are associated to Delphi.

Whoop dee doo.