Saturday, July 15, 2006

SEO'd myself into being an expert geologist

According to the search engines Google #1, MSN #1, and Yahoo #2, I'm an expert geologist on the topic of Lava Pockets at the time of this posting.

Guess this pretty much blows the theory about search engines picking authority sites on a topic based on trust as I don't know shit about lava yet rank high for something that was completely silly rant and off topic for geology. More amusing is that I mentioned Hot Pockets in that blog post and now it's been dragged into the listings currently at #3 on Google, #2 on MSN and #20 on Yahoo.

Just goes to show how easy you can get attention on some lesser fought after keywords without really trying but you can bring along friends like Hot Pockets just by referencing them.

FWIW, I'm still amused that MSN still finds me the number one resource on sex education and they send constant inquires from the middle east, which brings up other issues, but that's for another rant. Not like I tried to get them in the first place, but I lost some of my positions on those lovely terms, but a few of them are still in the top 10.

My mother would be so proud...



baraqyal said...

You should really take advantage of this combination of "hot pockets" and "sex education" and start selling fleshlights on your site.

You could make hundreds!

WebGeek said...

Too funny. :)