Friday, December 16, 2005

A Very Google Xmas

Google sent me a nice box full of USB toys yesterday [THANKS GOOGLE!] that turned my laptop into something straight out of a scene Mission Impossible or Alias with all the retractable cables, wireless this and that, light on a bendable cord, etc..

I'd take a picture to show you what it looked like but I'm fundamentally a lazy shit and John Jonas already has a nice picture on his blog that you can enjoy. John seems to be a really nice guy so I'm wondering how long it'll take before some comment I post on his blogs pisses him off and gets me banned, but I digress.

For those of you that don't read WebmasterWorld here's a directors cut of my story from there:

The phone rang when the FedEx guy dialed from the main entrance of the building (we're condo, like I'm doing yard work - HA!) and my wife yells to tell me he's at the door. I usually just walk to the main door and get packages as delivery people tend to get confused inside running up and down the hall, elevators, cat walks, etc.

So picture this:

I'm sitting less than 6 ft from my door and from the time she yelled I jumped up and headed straight for the door, flung the door open expecting to keep moving thru to the main building door, not knowing my wife actually buzzed the guy in, and the FedEx guy was standing almost nose to nose with me and it was so unexpected I yelped with arms flailing like Jim Carey's over-acting in some skit.

The FedEx guy laughed at me.

Why do I feel this will circulate around the 'Plex and they'll all laugh at me too?
"Serves him right always being obstinate about everything - HA!"

The little gift box has a Google zippered pouch that reminds me of a toiletries bag with the razor, toothbrush, nail clippers, etc. except those spots have been used to hold hi-tech toys instead.

My wife looked at it all and says "You think they could squeeze the word Google anywhere else on all this?" then storms off "Where's MY Google toys?!"

Something tells me I'm going to have to keep an eye on that wireless mouse as she had her eye on that and the cat seemed rather fond of the retractable headphone thingy - vultures I live with, I tell ya...

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