Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stop the Planet, Jeremy Zawodny Sold a LINK!

When a famous Yahoo! blogger by the name of Jeremy Zawodny, that many of you know, recently started selling sponsored links on his web site the whole SEO and blogger community took a collective shit.

Imagine some old balding fat SEO guy flipping his last blonde flocks doing his best valley girl voice:

"Like, Oh My Gawd! Like, he's selling PR8 links, like, gag me with a spoon! These links are like, you know, totally tubular and he, like, didn't use nofollow fer sure! Like, let's send him dwEeeb-mail as this is too bitch'n."

Snapping out of the 80's, it's just a scream that someone with a Google Page Rank 8 is selling sponsored links and everyone is running around in such hysterics that would make Chicken Little proud. Even one of the sponsors got scared, soiled himself and pulled the link just to give you an idea about how crazy this got in a hurry.

To make this even crazier, the latest flurry of blogging about this even might drive him to a PR10 which would be just priceless as these idiots fuel the very page rank they claim is sacred.

When looking at Google guru Matt Cutts' little blog take note it's only a PR7 . So I'm wondering if the same shit storm would be afforded to Matt if he started selling links? Oh wait, Matt might be rich off his ass from Google stock and not need to sell links so perhaps Yahoo doesn't pay so well and Jeremy needs the scratch.

Could it simply be they were all just pissed that other people bought those sponsored link spots first or they were too cheap to pay for links?

Sounds like a heaping pile of sour grapes to me, must be vinegar season.

Regardless, leave the poor guy alone you link buying and selling hypocrites.

Oh yes, and while I have your attention, just shut the fuck up and stop whining.

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