Wednesday, December 14, 2005

AdBrite Testing Contextual Ads?

Tonight I noticed something very odd on a FuckedCompany Happy Fun Slander page in that the word 'business' toward the bottom of the page seemed to have a contextual add popup on a mouseover ala IntelliText ads except it was an AdBrite ad!

When I looked at the actual page source there were no hyperlinks around the word business but sure enough there was some mouseover code present when I viewed "selected source" in the browser.

<a onmouseover="AdBriteMouseOver(this,'business', event)" href="#" style="border-style: none none double; border-width: 0px 0px 3px; color: green; text-decoration: none;">business</a>

This may mean something new in the works for people using AdBrite and could help them become more competitive.

However, when I went back about 30 minutes later the word was no longer being linked to an AdBrite ad. Not to be easily stopped, I put the link in a different browser and VOILA! the hyperlinked ad showed up again so AdBrite seems to be tracking how many times you view the page and disabling the ad after a few page views or something.

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