Monday, December 12, 2005

LEARN HTML? Write Content Instead!

Amazing that in this day and age of automated everything that the nerds that think they run the internet are still telling newbies to become fluent in HTML and CSS. Sure, it wouldn't hurt to know HTML and CSS but it also wouldn't hurt to know Rich Text Format (RTF) and Postscript if you want to write a letter but I prefer to use Microsoft Word.

Come on people, get with the program and stop promoting bit twiddling nerd concepts from the 90's and be productive on the web!

Here I am blogging away about HTML and you know how much HTML I've encountered during this post?


Not a single <h1> or anything remotely HTMLish just like God intended.

I'm no slouch with HTML either and can probably run rings around the nuts and bolts evangelists hawking HTML knowledge as the end-all-be-all of internet existance but the truth is that CONTENT is king and nobody gives a rats ass how you built your pages as long as they show up in the browser properly.

The latest incarnations of FrontPage and DreamWeaver do a fine job of WYSIWYG page building but some of the purists will faint at the sight of tables and start rambling about the "extra code" they insert like those few hundred bytes of data make a bit of difference.

Who gives a shit - it works.

Reminds me of the 80s when everyone was trying to shove Pascal down all our throats thanks to the misguided devotion of all the Appleheads and now nobody uses Pascal.


Life's just too short to twiddle bits.

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