Monday, November 28, 2005

FireFox Referrals kills CTR?

BillyS on WebmasterWorld said that his CTR (Click Thru Rate for you noobs) went in the crapper after installing the AdSense FireFox Referral buttons all over their site which in turn made smart pricing engage and drive their income straight down the crapper. Makes perfect sense to me as most people are afraid of switching browsers or simply don't want to or they'd already have FireFox so this is just a PR stunt and a financial boondoggle for one poor webmaster that got suckered into the Google hype.

Obviously I don't know if that chain of events that lowered his income was triggered by the FireFox Referral button but it seems possible and I sure wouldn't be surprised if that was the case and if so, Google should just be ashamed of themselves by combining this PR stunt into someones global CTR in AdSense.

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