Tuesday, November 29, 2005

AA - American Airlines or Al Anon? You Decide...

Well the bucketheads at American Airlines have really topped the charts in the "stupid airline food for $5" category today on a flight I took from Miami to San Francisco.

Me: "Alex, I'll take 'Stupid Airline Food' for $400 please."

Alex Trebeck: "Name the sandwich that has raisin bread, cream cheese and ham"


Me: "What is a Ham and Cheese sandwich designed by a drunken airline employee?"


Alex: "You are correct!"

What kind of moron thinks your average joe flier is going to shell out $5 for some whacked out shit sandwich like this? The only other alternative is the $5 "snack box" full of gerbil food.

Well American Airlines you can take your idiotic sandwich and shove it up a flight attendants ass 'cause I'm not buying it.

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