Sunday, November 27, 2005

AdSense Off Topic Ads are Income Killers

Here we go again as the AdSense ads showing on my web site are very targetted and usually perform very well but some schmuck launching a new meta-search (yeah, we need another one of those) seems to be either site targetting or keyword targetting and he's raising hell with my earnings today.

Banning a few bad ads wouldn't be so terrible except:

a) Google takes up to 4 hours to stop showing them which can cost a busy site hundreds of dollars before the ban takes effect

b) The Google Preview tool does't seem to show Site Targetted ads as any time I run it the ads I'm looking for don't seem to show up, maybe there's another reason but Google isn't telling.

c) The Google Preview tool doesn't help streamline blocking ads, only figuring out the domain name to block, it's a time consuming process designed to piss off publishers IMO

It would be nice if the AdSense team got off their ass and fixed this problem as you can damn well believe that if the ad is killing my income then Google isn't getting paid either but that logic seems to skip right over their overly educated heads.

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