Monday, September 01, 2008

Opera 9.5 Smokes Firefox 3

The latest Firefox 3 upgrade was just pitiful and the memory footprint was fatter, it seemed to be leaking memory, page loads just crawled at a snails pace, it was an overall hog.

The options were limited:

- Go back to MSIE 7, which isn't much better, or

- Give Opera one last try as I've always found something that stopped me from using Opera in the past.

Well, the first thing I noticed is Opera 9.5 is faster than shit and loads some pages 3x-5x faster than Firefox, especially my own blog which makes Firefox choke. The second thing I noticed was the footprint of Opera 9.5 is about half that of Firefox when it loads and operates.

Seriously, Opera loaded pages so much faster than Firefox it felt like I was using a new computer!

So now I'm going to give Opera a try and see if there's any gotcha's that will stop me from using it but so far it's looking really good and I may just be the next Opera convert!

BTW, this blog post is my first in Opera!


Anonymous said...

I've also found Opera 9.5 to be much faster on my Linux box than Firefox 3, and have been using it more or less exclusively for browsing and e-mail for about two weeks. I say "more or less" exclusively because there are still a few sites that don't quite work properly in Opera, so I have to use Firefox for them, and then I'm like "Wow, this is slow ..."

Anonymous said...

i am with you, opera is my #3. i like opera but it forces me code for firefox, fix for ie, fix margins for opera when designing.

will you give google chrome a go?