Sunday, August 31, 2008

FireFox 3 Bloated Leaky Pile of Shit

Firefox 3 with all it's much anticipated upgrades turned out to be a big fat flop that's annoying me to the point I'm thinking of switching back to Internet Explorer or giving Opera a try.

Some of the new features seem interesting but overall it's slower, bloated, and appears to be leaking faster than the Titanic after a close encounter with an ice cube.

The damn thing starts at about 40MB and just grows and grows.

Here I'm sitting with a lousy 2 tabs open after using it for a while and it's holding 100MB of memory and not releasing it.

Maybe it's one of the 2 plug-ins I'm using causing the leaks, who knows, but this hog is almost intolerable as it just grows and grows.

Ah well, you gave it a good run Mozilla, time to look elsewhere.


Connie said...

I agree. There is also an issue with the way FireFox deals with SSL certs. Especially if the cert is self signed. Rather than the old pop up box that ask if you want to view or accept it seems you now have to jump through some hoops to accept a self signed cert.

It will be awhile before I upgrade based on what I have read.

I've bee using SeaMonkey off and on without any plugins.

IncrediBILL said...

Worse yet, it bloated up to about 150MB before I killed it and then it took a long time to flush out of the system when it was closing.

What a joke.

Maybe I'll try shutting down all my plug-ins and see if any of them are causing this memory leak.

Anonymous said...

FF 2.x eat's memory like there's no tomorrow too.

I haven't tried Chrome yet. It's obviously beta, but I'm guessing lots of folks got taken in and expected better quality because so many of google's services say beta on them and are not bug ridden.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of them are, too -- Google Groups, for one.

Anonymous said...

Agree about FF3, it is unusable on my Linux workstation with dual-core CPU & 2.5GB RAM. Much slower than FF2 on my home Linux box with single-core & 512MB.

Mozilla dudes, you have taken a wrong turning, we want lean and mean, not bloatware.

Anonymous said...

I went back to FF2 on all three machines (home/laptop/work), much better all around.
Wrong turn, Mozilla. Better get it right soon before Chrome eats your lunch and market share.

Vargas said...

I thought that I was the only one who had terrible issues with FF3. Glad I'm not alone. Google Chrome has worked quite nicely for me.

Anonymous said...

Firefox 3 is terrible. It's bloated and slow, and the revamped bookmarking system is poor.

People don't want needless bloat. They want simple, stable browsers that render well.

Also stupid of Mozilla to gear up with Microsoft in "integrating" Firefox 3 with Vista. I think this "integration" may have contributed to the bloat-fest.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a Firefox user back in the days of running away from the vulnerable Internet Explorer (which still is btw). But awhile ago Firefox became so bloated full of nonsnese plugins and "features" that I quickly threw it away! I got tired of seeing my memory get sucked away. I call Firefox LeechWare. I have been an Opera user for years now. And it has gotten to the point of annoying me as well. Many features that used to work DONT.