Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Chrome Shines While Fat Lady Sings for Opera, Firefox and MSIE

I'm very hard to impress, an old school hard core programmer that detests software bloat from lazy assed programmers using poorly implemented cross-platform development environments.

I like fast and lean code, shit that makes an old laptop look all shiny and new and maybe that's why Google named their new browser chrome cause this fucker shines.

It was only yesterday that I threw my hands up in the air and ran screaming from Firefox 3's latest fat, bloated leaky slower than shit browser and declared Opera was one hell of a fast alternative.

Unfortunately, for all of Opera's speed there was a few quirks that meant it wasn't a 100% solution after all starting with the fact that some javascript in Horde Webmail (used in Plesk) had a few problems so it was only 95% usable, still workable and not a show stopper. 

The show stopper was Opera's copy & paste was unable to properly render text to an HMTL editor as the full HTML content that had been copied from a web page was stripped down to plain text. Plain text is expectected when you paste into something like Notepad, but not when you paste into an application capable of negotiating the data type and wishes to receive the full HTML content from the browser.

For us old school Windows programmers this is CLIPBOARD 101 kind of shit and Opera failed the class miserably.

Guess what?

Google chrome in BETA didn't have the javascript glitches in Horde Webmail and it knows how to properly paste HTML text, something Opera has had years to perfect.

Both Opera and Chrome are fast but the devil is in the little details and so far Chrome is in league with the devil.

OK, Chrome doesn't ship with Java, appears to crash with Quicktime (who gives a shit besides Apple and all their cultists) and has a few other plug-in problems, but for a BETA it's fucking phenomenal, it's DA BOMB!

Although I have to ask Google one simple question:

Where's the goddamn TITLE bar and the STATUS bar?

Don't make me drive down to Mtn. View and teach you Windows 101 coding, come on, these should've been there from the get go.

Other than that little peeve, and the lacking of security control given by Firefox add-ons like NoScript, I'm totally stoked. I'll cut Google some slack and assume they'll remedy the missing title and status bar, include Java, fix the quicktime crash, etc. and provide more control over javascript.

Google, a damn fine first showing, hats off, kudos, just fix the rest of this and I'm a solid Chromer for life.

BTW, I'm posting this using Google Chrome so this fucker does work.


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Anonymous said...

re: status bar. It comes up "when you need it" like when you hover on links or are downloading stuff. Interesting compromise.