Sunday, April 27, 2008

Off By More Than One

Can you believe that someone is actually surfing the web using some free browser called Off By One that doesn't appear to have been updated in the last 2 years?

The user agent is as follows:

"Mozilla/6.0(compatible;OffByOne;Windows 2000)"
The irregular formatting convention triggered the bot trap with the lack of spaces alone.

Then it claims to be Mozilla 6.0 when it's probably Mozilla 3.0 at best.

Considering how few times, if ever, that this browser has visited it's obviously very rare.

Maybe some online nerd activist will get it declared as an endangered online species so it will become protected by law.

Don't laugh, you know it'll happen eventually...


Frontpage said...

Just caught another 'news clipping service' with modsecurity. It appears that it did request robots.txt but I am not any bots bitch for "media monitoring and analysis"


Keniki said...

Regrettablely FUCK YOU Incredibill information supplied to you was surpressed as it was on webmasterworld.

Frontpage said... just got caught up in modsecurity coming from another IP today. I will block the whole range coming out of Rackspace.

keniki said...

I withdraw previous comment, something stinks at wmw but its between tedster and brett.

keniki said...

Cheers Bill,

I off to have a try at music industry.


Anonymous said...

I use OffByOne. it's not a bad thing. Really