Saturday, December 22, 2007

Covenant Eyes Needs Accountability

Here's yet another company making money from hitting your server without permission.

This one is an online service called Covenant Eyes that has a Net Nanny type of service that's been hitting one of my sites for ages. Over time they have requested thousands of pages, never got anything but an error message, but always keep trying using a blank user agent.

They operate from this range of IP's:

Covenant Eyes, Inc MOG-69-41-14-0 (NET-69-41-14-0-1) -
Yesterday they suddenly started using this user agent after years of being blank: "libcurl-agent/1.0"
The website claims:
Covenant Eyes Software provides Internet Integrity with accountability reports.
I guess it depends on who defines "Internet Integrity" or "accountability" because I personally don't find much integrity or accountability in hiding why you're hitting my website behind blank user agents or some default user agent.

The site also claims:
A church in town lost it's pastor to porn...
Which brings up the point that any rogue webmaster could cloak very bad content to Covenant Eyes and think it's funny to get someone in trouble that has an "accountability report" sent to a boss, spouse or parent so I hope someone checks to make sure these reports are accurate before punishing someone.

IMO blocking 69.41.14.* should stop their members from being "tempted" to visit your sites.


Anonymous said...


I found this info when I was adding Covenant Eyes IP address to my firewall.

Michigan Online Group MOG (NET-69-41-0-0-1) -
Covenant Eyes, Inc MOG-69-41-14-0 (NET-69-41-14-0-1) -

Do a search on

Hope this helps! :)

IncrediBILL said...

I did use Arin, you must've missed the range of IP's in the article.

You can't block because it's not just a data center which is why I didn't them.