Monday, December 31, 2007

How Much Nutch is TOO MUCH Nutch Revisited

To date there have been 585 unique IPs hitting my server since I started tracking this nuisance called nutch.

Here's a list of IPs with nutch sightings to date:
If I weren't blocking nutch my server would probably be down in flames from the nutch DDoS.

Nothing dangerous about giving away code, not a thing.


Anonymous said...

Nutch is one powerful "tool". In the wrong hands though it is turning out to be a menace. Their UA has been banned on my servers. I bet if WIKI ever gets it's search project off the ground Nutch will be used and I'm sure GigaBlast uses it.

Only 585 IPs, Bill I'm surprised the IP count is so low. I guest that just go to show us that not that many are willing or know how to compile JAVA on a server :).

Anonymous said...

Bill have you seen this bot, Wiki a Search?