Sunday, August 06, 2006

SES San Jose 7-10 2006

Anyone I know going to be there this week?

I'm heading down to the speakers party tonight (oops, did I let out a surprise) so if anyone I know is there tonight maybe we'll pound a brew or two together.

Bet you can't figure out which session I'll be speaking at...


Anonymous said...

The "real" Bill is finally unmasked :)

Glad to see you moving forward with the bot buster.

Let us know when you're ready for beta sites.

Take care


trash said...

Yep, unmasked! There is only one "Bill" ...

That could be a good chance to speak about the strange Yahoo activites.

gregbo said...

Interesting. Now that I know who you are and what you're working on, I have some context for what you write on WebmasterWorld. Good luck with your company.