Friday, August 11, 2006

EDI Edacious Bullshit and Yeti from Korea

Don't know much about this piece of shit crawling from Korea except it looks at robots.txt and operates from 2 d-blocks: "EDI/1.2.0 (Edacious & Intelligent Web Crawler)" "EDI/1.2.0 (Edacious & Intelligent Web Crawler)" "EDI/1.2.0 (Edacious & Intelligent Web Crawler)" "EDI/0.9.3 (Edacious & Intelligent Web Crawler)"
Something in the next d-block in this bad neighborhood: "Yeti" "Yeti" "Yeti" "Yeti"
Bullshit of a feather flocks together.


Fraser said...

Hey Bill, I really enjoy the log of your defense against the dark arts (of SPAM). But could you back up a bit some time and explain some of the tools and techniques you use to catch these weasels in the act? I'd love to filter and block the way you do, and I have some basic unix skills, but I don't even know where to start.

IncrediBILL said...

I wrote custom tracking software that monitors all activity on my site with a database behind it...

Then I catch hotspots of activity from archive history files, as I file away all suspicious activity, and the "proximity alarms" alert me when trends are developing.

Nothing you can find off-the-shelf, sorry.