Wednesday, June 28, 2006

User Agent: "Microsoft Internet Explorer"

After seeing this user agent coming from Raytheon my curiosity got the best of me so I looked up any other occurances of this exact user agent and got the list below. None of them asked for more than a page or two, very rare occurances, and the requests originate from corporate proxies and dial-ups so I don't see any pattern to this yet.

03/07/2006 "Microsoft Internet Explorer"
04/05/2006 "Microsoft Internet Explorer"
05/04/2006 "Microsoft Internet Explorer"
05/31/2006 "Microsoft Internet Explorer/4.40.426 (Windows 95)"
06/11/2006 "Microsoft Internet Explorer"
06/28/2006 "Microsoft Internet Explorer"
Just keeping an eye on this one as well.


gregbo said...

No idea whether you're seeing the same "Microsoft Internet Explorer" useragent I did for a past employer, but the one I saw acted like a scraper.

Bluelip said...

We're seeing some odd activities w/ this also.

Our looks to be oriented towards an ad-popper or tracker.