Sunday, June 25, 2006

SCRAPER BUSTED #2 - sunshineholidayrental

Tracked another scraping bastard that uses a blank user agent from the IP address of which appears to be a Lithuanian scraper/spammer with a dedicated server at

Here's a few of this assholes active sites:
Some of them may look almost legit at first glance but trust me, there are tons of keyword and phrase stuffed bullshit pages hiding behind those seemingly innocent facades.

All the AdSense accounts claim to be owned by which currently seems to be a Joomla default site.

Blocked HostDime a while back, looks like it was a good idea.


Chris Pettipiere said...

Hi I have just read your post about, sunshineholidayrental.

I hope this was something other than,
as that site is a GENUINE site that is owned & registered by a Spanish company based in Torrevieja.

How do I know this? I am currently redesigning it and I'm in the process of doing optimisation on the site, only using good SEO practices, i.e we don't break the rules or try to lure people to the site under false pretenses.

Yes it is a Joomla site now, but only as of today (10 Feb 2007), before it was an HTML site with as far as I am aware no adsense advertising, it still has no adsense advertising.

Could you please let me know what site extension the sunshine site in your blog was using as we would like to stop him as well. Personally I can't stand adsites nd wish Google would stop their system being abused like this, it's ruining the internet.

I have considered putting on adsense to my company site, , but decided against it as I really didn't want my visitors to be distracted from my content by other peoples ad's.

I would like to see a time when webpages are full of real content not just ad's for other sites.

So you can see we don't use adsense on our sites and I don't believe that it is on any of the sites we have designed or maintain. Here is a list of the site we run/work on or have designed.

If you find any adsense or anything else wrong on the sites mentioned below please email me at

Please look we have nothing to hide:

Owned by Cipher & Chipz:

- Computer/IT site (main site)
- Currently being redesigned in Joomla but in HTML & Javascript at the moment. - LIVE

- Wholesale spanish shoes - LIVE

- A work in progress shoe site aimed at organisations - In progress

For other companies:

- A florida holiday rentals site.
done in Joomla - LIVE

- Website for a bar in Torrevieja, Spain, maintained by the owners. Done in HTML - LIVE

- "Sunshine Holiday Rentals" site for rental properties in Spain's Costa Blanca Region. Done in Joomla - LIVE

- "Legal & Tax" Spanish lawyers, based in the Costa Blanca, in the same group of companies as Sunshine Holiday Rentals and Grupo-CPB. Done in joomla - LIVE

- "Central Property Bureau" Spanish Real Estate Agents, based in the Costa Blanca, in the same group of companies as Sunshine Holiday Rentals and Legal & Tax. Done in joomla - LIVE

IncrediBILL said...


The original operation that I blogged about on hostdime appears to be defunct and all of the domains are expired and all of the information I linked to in Google is also gone.

Please note that my post said "the AdSense accounts CLAIM to be owned by" and none of the sites claiming this still appear to be in operation, at least none that I know about at this time.

You should write to Google AdSense support and see if anyone is still claiming to be your domain name and get them canceled.