Thursday, June 08, 2006

Google Dance Makes You Shit Your Pants

What a day.

Got up this morning and my main sites traffic was wonky so I took a look around and Google traffic seemed to be askew. Checked a few data centers and my position was all over the map. Up and down, round and round, Google's chewing me up and spitting me out in all sorts of wacky places.

My default datacenter now shows me back in the top 10 but only God and Google knows where it'll be tomorrow and neither of them are talking.

What a mess, Google better have a new liver standing by for me...


JayW said...

Seeing the same thing with a few of my sites.

There doesn't appear to be ryme or reason to the update. No pattern has emerged yet on what the changes are.

Absolutely agree on the liver transplant. . Maybe they should start an transplant escrow fund for affected webmasters?


ogletree said...

Yes I am seeing a lot of dc's with new stuff. I have some new SEO work doing well and some old SEO work not. There is something going on for sure.