Monday, June 05, 2006

Blog Spam is not a problem

That's right, blog spam isn't the problem whatsoever and technically it shouldn't even exist if it wasn't for the sloppy work of the idiot programmers that write blog software. Anyone leaving the comment forms wide open so that any script kiddie could abuse it should have their programming license revoked.

Now there are even solutions springing up to monitor and stamp out blog spam and it's fucking ridiculous or would hysterical be the proper word?

For example, their feature claims:

AntiSpam Deluxe.
Get rid of referrer and comment spam thanks to a community maintained spam database.
Community maintained database, you must be kidding?

Can you people say CAPTCHA?

I know you can, put a captcha on the comments and registration page to stop automation.

The part that just kills me is whoever was naive enough to put "registration" as the only means of defense without captchas in blogs thinking that making people register to post would stop spam because bots don't use cookies or register. I've noticed a few people resorting to registration alone as an anti-spam technique lately and that simply won't cut it. Wrong again, bots use cookies, so you better put a captcha on your registration page otherwise the bots just register as some random name and post anyway.

Now address manual spamming as follows:
  • Filter out all posts that contain embedded HTML and URLs from all first time posters, just bounce any post that looks like spam.
  • Don't hyper-link names of posters to websites until they become a trusted poster or register.
I do these exact techniques on some of my websites (not this website, except the captcha) and the spammers simply went away. There was nothing they could do of value unless they wanted to just vandalize out of spite, and most are interested in making money so once I removed their incentive they stopped coming back.

Can't post a link to your website?

Oh boo-fucking-hoo, then your spam won't drive visitors, so go the fuck away.

Wow, that was easy wasn't it.
  • No community database
  • No anti-spam service
  • No bullshit
  • No spam
Now you're probably going to start yelling that my concept breaks the premise of blogs in that it's all about the community and the linking and all that other happy horseshit.

Nope, you can still link out, just not on your first damn post, or maybe your first 10 posts. The easiest way to build up "post count" would be using automation which is blocked again, that's where the captcha's come back into play.

If you really want to piss off the spammers, require both registration AND a captcha.

Now go fix your crappy blog software, download a captcha and install it, and stop whining about spam ya bunch of cry babies.


Allen said...

From closing the barn door after the horse has wandered off to loosing laptops full of unencrypted data that shouldn't be left unattended security is always a 'who'd a thunk it' afterthought.

Plan? budget? learn? have a bloody clue? not a hope, Pandora.

The ignorance of the individual is equalled only by the incompetence of the individual and is surpassed only when individuals combine to form a group.

Like that metaphorical tree your rant falls unheard by the deaf and the dumb. Do keep up the good fight, though. It's quite entertaining.

MP1 said...

Yep.. And you usually get questions from your users asking, "Why are my folders "Green"???
-Um, maybe because it's encrypted... That's where all your work should go..
I get stuff like this everyday..

Sure! People can leave comments and trackbacks on my blogs and the comments and trackbacks will show up AFTER I look at them.... All of them are moderated

Chip's Owner said...

There's software out there now that can read captchas so it's not a completely failsafe solution.

IncrediBILL said...

Ah, that's because you're working from the text only version of the term captcha.

A captcha can be a picture of a tree or a dog too, let them read THAT....