Thursday, May 25, 2006

RED ALERT #4 - NiceBot Neighborhood

Found another distributed IP batch sitting in a hosting farm claiming to be "nicebot".

Nicebot my ass...

Here's the range of IP's spotted with user agent nicebot: - nicebot - nicebot - nicebot - nicebot - nicebot - nicebot - nicebot - nicebot - nicebot
NSLOOKUP claims they belong to ServerPronto.

Non-authoritative answer: name =
So I think I'm going to just block this range from ServerPronto as it's a hosting farm:
Serverpronto INMM-69-60-114-0 (NET-69-60-114-0-1) -
Some of you might naively think that you can just block "nicebot" with rewrite rules and solve your problem. However, my research has shown that many of these bots eventually change names when they get blocked by too many sites. You're best off blocking the source permanently so they don't slip thru the cracks next week crawling as something like ""Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; Q312461; BTOW V9.0; SV1)" which you can't detect.

Remember, they're desperate when you cut off their source of revenue and they'll attempt to adapt so use the best prevention up front which is lock them out by location and don't waste your time fighting changing user agent names.

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Anonymous said...


Nicebot used to operate under the name NPT.

I block the entire range of IP addresses 69.60.120.n and 64.251.30.n

Even so, it constantly monitors and if my server reboots, in it comes again!

Matt Probert
The Probert Encyclopaedia