Monday, May 22, 2006

Odd traffic from Hong Kong, Middle-East and Africa

Has anyone noticed any huge spikes in traffic from Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, South Africa or Dubai lately?

They are setting off alarms all over the place with my bot blocker and it's all coming from shared networks so I can't tell yet if it's just a lot of people using a few IPs or a few crawlers going crazy in a scraper haven.

I'm thinking about just setting the whole bunch of them to "CAPTCHA-mode" which is the equivalent of forcing them to login before accessing my site. This will quickly determine the number source of the activity based on the number of unanswered CAPTCHA's vs. a valid response from a human.

Let's see what happens next, I'll keep you posted ;)

1 comment:

JayW said...

I block ALL traffic from those countries. If they buy something from me or my advertisers it's with a stolen credit card.

They're not worth the $$ for bandwidth or server load.

Keep them off your site and save the resources for someone that will make you money.