Saturday, May 27, 2006

Amazon's A9 Amateur Hour

Guess what boys and girls?

We've all been forced to OPT-IN to yet another non-standard "web tool" that Amazon's A9 has thrust upon us. A9's blog said they introduced this crap last July but it's obviously been so low key compared to everything else hitting my server that I overlooked this small slice of idiocy.

This has been showing up in my logs for a while now" - “GET /siteinfo.xml HTTP/1.1″ 404 1639 “-” “Java/1.5.0_04″
The only reason I noticed it today was the amount of times it hit the server escalated and they're racking up a bunch of 404 errors requesting this file I've never heard about which is idiotic and stupid.

Ever hear of any internet standard such as ROBOTS.TXT to see if I even want you looking for this stupid file on my server?

Apparently not as the only file being hit is "siteinfo.xml".

Had to resort to a reverse DNS lookup just to find out it was who was doing this stupid crap. Didn't the vaudeville programmers that wrote this joke ever hear of setting the USER AGENT to identify who and what this is instead of Java/1.5?

Amazon, if you happen to read this pay very close attention to the fact that many web applications bombard my server with the user agent of "Java/1.whatever" on a daily basis which are all BLOCKED so you will never ever get access to siteinfo.xml until you properly identify yourself.

Here's a sample "siteinfo.xml" file that you can install in your root web directory:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<siteinfo xmlns="">
<name>Amazon SiteInfo Sucks</name>
<text>Doesn't use standards</text>
<text>Doesn't identify itself</text>
I commented about their lack of professionalism and standards being used in this implementation on their blog but it's awaiting moderation and I doubt they'll let my less than happy comments be published, but we shall see.

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