Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New AdSense Setup Wizard!

Apparently as more less technical types have joined AdSense in droves Google decided to dumb down the AdSense setup interface to reduce the tech support load and dependence on certain browser features.

The tabs across the top of the AdSense website for AdSense for Content, AdSense for Search and Referrals have all been replaced with a new tab AdSense Setup which now contains all the options for the previous tabs.

When you click on the new link for AdSense for Content you're in a 3-step wizard that drives you thru the process.

  1. Choose Ad Type (ad unit/link unit)
  2. Choose Ad Format and Colors
  3. Get Ad Code
My suspicion is many people confused people were accidentally changing options and getting the wrong code, or forgot to get the code, etc. and this will simplify the process for that overloaded page. It also makes it more clear which ad type you're getting as some complaining noobs in forums weren't understanding why they only got links and not text ads, so you know those poor people in AdSense support were crying in their beer every night.

Problem is, anyone with a serious amount of channels trying to get the code will be suicidal with this back and forth nonsense between those two pages. Anyone want to join a class action for Google inducing carpal tunnel with this new page? Just kidding, well, maybe.

I can see why some of these changes were needed for them but it sure would be nice to have an "expert mode" for us AdSense old-timers that actually are power users of the page they just ripped apart.

The only thing I can't believe they didn't fix in this update is making the CHANNEL page accept multiple URLs in a textarea instead of one URL at a time. Try setting up 200 URLs with this stupid page opposed to a quick cut-n-paste from your list of page names on your web log analyzer and you'll see what I mean, it's brutal and stupid, yet it remains unchanged.

Now for the million dollar question:
"What are they about to add to AdSense that required this overhaul to make more space?"

Let's keep an eye out and see what happens.

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