Saturday, March 04, 2006

Competition claims WE'RE NUMBER TWO!

Just about chuckled my ass off when I was snooping some of my competitors sites, not the blogs silly, my money making site, the site that keeps me in expensive booze and wide screen TVs, not this bullshit.

Back to the story as I'm DigressJacking™ it already.

Anyway, this site we've discussed before as they undersell ad prices, send out newsletters begging for advertisers to fund new projects, etc. but now it gets even more amusing. Somehow this guy has mysteriously moved up the ranks in Alexa which is now listing him as #2 in his category right below me, oh whoop de doo, I've been ranked #1 in that slot in Alexa since they first set up shop, so you bumped someone to get to #2, big fucking deal. Funny he doesn't mention anything about Google's Directory by Rank that has me still at #1 for years and he's way down the list over there, not a peep.

Then he calls out one other place where he's #2 below me for some bullshit meaningless 2 keyword search term in Google that doesn't even drive traffic.

Excuse me?

Is that smoke I feel blowing up my ass?

Hate to burst your bubble buddy boy but I'm in the top 10 for 2 keywords that are tops in the field, ONE WORD, NOT TWO, yes a SINGLE KEYWORD that drives thousands of visitors daily and it's not a BULLSHIT TERM, people actually actively fucking search this term!

So then he goes on lamenting about how his ads are a better value at his rock bottom bargain basement prices than "some other more expensive sites".

Give me a fucking break, I send people more traffic from my ads in a day than you sometimes send in a month. He knows it's true too because he used to have a page showing the traffic for all his ads and took it down, good thing too, it was embarassing.

I've been toying with making any mention to his references but so far all I did was put up a nice bold line of text on my ad page that says "We may cost more but you get what you pay for - performance" and left it at that.

I'm thinking at this point the best way to deal with this putz is just ignore him and let him dig a deeper hole until Google determines he's supplemental like they just did to an even lesser competitor and relegate them to the search engine dungheap.


Anonymous said...

What a blowhard you are.
We get you're awesome.

IncrediBILL said...

Never said I was awesome, I know who my competition really is and I'm not close to unseating them yet even at the level of success I have.

I said my competitor was bragging he's #2 to ME which is lame, he has no clue.

Even though I rank high I consider myself probably #4 or #5 below in my peer list that I want to unseat, which means this other competitor is WAY down the totem pole, probably #20 if he's lucky.

If I was a blowhard [ok, I'll admit to being somewhat of one, but it comes with the territory] I'd claim to be #1, but I didn't, I'm only #1 in the places my lamo competition claims he's #2, which is meaningless and therefore the point of the whole post.

baraqyal said...

How many people use Alexa anymore?

IncrediBILL said...

The only purpose Alexa serves is bragging rights for selling ads.

Sadly, it's the only thing you can point advertisers to that show you're getting any traffic besides your stats assming they believe you in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Alexa, check this out,

It was posted on WMW yesterday and I saw it before the mods removed it.

As far as Alexa is good for, it's an interesting look.