Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bend Over When Upgrading WebCeo

Finally decided to upgrade to the latest WebCeo and it did pop up a message about "losing reports" in that all existing reports should be printed before upgrading etc.

OK, big whoop, didn't need the old reports, could care less.

What that little message DIDN'T SAY was you would lose all projects, all profiles, and all that stuff and didn't even bother trying to automatically upgrade the data from the previous version leaving me to think all I was going to lose was the ranking information in the reports.

The new WebCeo version is now installed and pops up completely blank.


WebCeo needs to make those warnings a little more specific:

  • You'll lose all reports
  • You'll lose all projects
  • You'll lose all profiles
Not that this was a complete crisis as I maintained a list of all the keywords for the ranking reports in a set of separate text files as WebCeo doesn't [didn't] have any easy way of just exporting my keyword list so I maintained it externally which worked out in the end as I just cut and paste the whole list of keywords back into the projects as I recreated them.

Back in business but the next time they release a major upgrade I may be tempted to try a different product instead as this was not amusing.


Anonymous said...

I would have thought that with your advanced status as a technically qualified programmer (Yeah, like wow, what's a program?) you would have known enough to have backed everything up and to have tested before switching.

BTW are you some religious rabble rouser?

I'm getting a mental image of a bearded religious nutcase with a sign trying to entice the gullible into a cult.

IncrediBILL said...

I knew the risks, and I had a psuedo-backup, so I let it run just to see how bad it would be. Just turned out much worse than I expected but I was back in business an hour later.

The bearded part is right, but I'm about as anti-religious as they come. Don't tell me as a kid that Santa doesn't but some invisible omnipotent dude does exist that couldn't even manage to pop Mary's cherry as I'm not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Now please tell us agin why you are chewing that software company a new oriface?

You expected trouble, you planed for trouble, you got trouble.

Hell in my book it all worked according to Hoyle or something.

Ok, so you are a ranting bearded anti-religous nutcase.

Gee Bill what can I say?

Now what is this need to rant all about?

Anonymous said...

TheBear: "you expected trouble you got trouble"?

Actually no IncrediBILL did NOT expect trouble - the software only warned him about something minor - he just happenned to be prepared anyway.

There is no excuse for missing out on documenting the damage that the upgrade would cause. Why? Because you piss off customers and have a good chance of losing them.

IncrediBILL said...

I'm ripping them an ass because they couldn've done an automatic import/export during the upgrade which would've been good customer service and the warnings could've been a bit clear as "losing the reports" was kind of meaningless.

They did say I was going to lose things but the message sure could've been a lot more aggressive "EVERYTHING WILL BE LOST, NOTHING WILL BE SAVED, ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE SURE?"

I always expect trouble and if I didn't would be horribly despressed all the time at the sad state of everything which is why I'm a pessimistice optimist. A pessimistic optimist always expects the worst therefore you don't get disappointed when it happens and anything better than the worst is pleasantly surprising.

The need to rant...

Probably because someone has to be a ball buster and it might as well be me. Besides, there is only so much idiocy in the world that I can tolerate before I lose it altogether and this blog is a nice pressure release valve.

Anonymous said...

That would be a half full half empty.

Dang Bill I like my Ale mugs full both before and after I've slurped down a few gulps.

Here, have another, slides a Red Hook down the counter.