Thursday, January 12, 2006

SNAP.COM? You Must Be Joking!

Wow, haven't heard of Snap in ages and saw some silly little bot claiming to be a beta crawler from Snap so my curiosity was riled up and I pulled up their web site. If you haven't been there lately you need to go just to see it's kinda cool but so slow you'll get a giggle.

The search results has a preview window that shows a snapshot of the web site and what's odd is one of my web site previews shows fine in Internet Explorer but in Firefox gets a generic screen with the message "The website may not preview properly".

What the fuck?

They also frame people's sites which my javascript doesn't permit, maybe that's the issue.

Don't know, but why they can show my preview in one browser and not the other yet everyone else seems to work in both is just bizarre.

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