Monday, January 09, 2006

Free Internet Could Slay Telephony

Everywhere you look people are talking about free wifi and free internet as if this commodity pays for itself. This must be leftover thinking from the dot bomb days where everything is free but you make it up on volume.

What these naive sacks of shit don't realize is that services such as Skype, or worse yet something FREE like VoIP on Yahoo Messenger, will also run on any free internet infrastructure. Unless these free internet connections are throttled to speeds to slow for VoIP these well intentioned public works projects could end up undermining the very backbone of the telephony companies we depend on for a significant amount of the internet.

Can you imagine that telcos could lose so much money that landlines, DSL and internet connection fees could skyrocket for the rest of us not in a free internet area or the companies simply collapse and go bust leaving the internet in shambles?

Tread lightly with all this hippy inspired communal free shit as your free internet could ultimately cost way more than you ever imagined.

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