Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Whiny AdSense Webmasters

Google must have the secret formula to create whiny assed momma's babies as all these AdSense webmasters do is piss and moan about their earnings, income per click, click thru rates, smart pricing, being banned for not following the rules, and so on and so forth to the point I'm ready to round them all up and smack them for being such whiners.

Maybe you babies should understand what AdSense is not:

  • AdSense is not a dependable welfare check
  • AdSense is not a dependable retirement fund
  • AdSense is not a replacement for your job
So what is Adsense?

AdSense is a way to monetize your web site traffic - no more, no less.

Read the various AdSense forums and you'll rarely ever hear anyone that had a really good web site with an ample amount of traffic ever complain about AdSense.

Most of the whining comes from the get rich quick types that thinks the world owes them a living since they can put up a web page that nobody cares about.

Get a clue you blubbering morons, web pages alone don't make money!

BUSINESSES make money so if you don't have any business sense you will fail miserably.

If you don't know who your audience is, don't provide the content your audience wants, don't know how to market your site and overall don't provide a good user experience you won't make anything with AdSense, YPN, Chitika eMiniMalls or any other affiliates programs.

Grow up and stop whining!

Enough already.


theBear said...

What? Content that is worthwhile is required or a good product?

Surely you are funning us Bill.

Have a happy, may I recommend a bottle of
Old Fezziwig Ale in keeping with the season :-)

IncrediBILL said...

Isn't that 'Old Fezziwig Ale' some new Sam Adams shit?

baraqyal said...

I think most people starting out have expectations that are completely out of line with reality. I love reading the posts on Webmasterworld, where people post their worst day at $35 in revenue.

I believe most of those people are "professional webmasters" meaning that's just about their only source of income. I could be wrong. If it were my profession, I'd be pretty damned displeased with only making $35 - given a 8 hour work day, that'd only be $4.38 an hour (before expenses!). And that's after years of work at SEO and developing content.

If you're just starting out, $35 a day sounds pretty fantastic, especially if you're only putting a few minutes worth of work a day into it. "That'll fund my trip to Hawaii!!!!"

My goal for the year with my "monetized blog" is to make ~$6.25 a month, so I can make more money than the poorest people on earth with my blog alone.

I'm shooting for the stars!!!

IncrediBILL said...


$35/day is closer to $6.13/hour if you assume a 40 hour work week the AdSense earns daily, so I used 7 days worth of income to compute a 40 hour per week wage.

It's about what high school burger flippers earn a week in some states.

baraqyal said...

Good point, I wasn't taking into account the 7 days - just five.

Minimum wage in California is $6.75 an hour, but I've heard that you end up reeking of burgers and fries and the chicks don't dig it.

I agree completely with your post - trying to eek out a living from advertising on content alone has to be almost impossible.

IncrediBILL said...

Maybe NEAR impossible for a n00b to eek out a living from online ads but I do it and many other others I know do it too so it's not out of the question.

Hoever, we aren't the ones whining about our upa and downs either, that's just business and the way it goes.

A little harder work, some creative SEO work, and it gets better unless someone simply has no clue how to fix the problems and if that's the case then they shouldn't be in this buziness - heh.

baraqyal said...

It seems like a very complicated and complex business that requires a lot of talent, sort of like other content-producing industries (movies, music, etc). In those industries, there are always people that whine about "record company this" or "studio wanted me to do that".

I think it boils down to human nature. Some people tend to bitch when they aren't successful, especially by trying to blame someone else for their failure.

IncrediBILL said...

Or they blame it on the mystical "smart pricing"

thebear said...

Old Fezziwig was first produced by Sam Adams in 1995 it is seasonal and only comes in a 12 bottle sampler package. There will be two of them in the package.

I figured it had to be better than the "normal" crud that gets labeled as beer. You know the water that strained through some grain.