Thursday, November 24, 2005

Shoot the Web Designer!

When we were looking for a place to board our cat for a week we thought we'd see if there were any cat only places in our area that didn't have any loud barking dogs which seem to freak out my little siamese. My wife looked all over the internet and couldn't find squat and luckily some kennel she called told us about this place and when we dropped in to check it out they gave us a brochure with their web site address on it.

Not that the site doesn't look nice, it's very nice, unfortunatly very nice looking doesn't help people find the place. If the owner of the place did this then my apologies, but I think he paid someone to put that web site online and they should be ASHAMED of themselves whoever they are. It's all 100% graphics, no text, no meta tags, no search engine placement, NO NOTHING! Not even the damn title of the web site has the location of the business for the search engine so it's just a big pile of pretty graphics that nobody can find unless you already know it exists.

I'm starting to think web designers need to be licensed professionals as sites like this are just criminal to anyone paying hard earned money to promote their business and get a big steaming load of crap for their dollar.

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IncrediBILL said...

Looks like they've improved it just a little since I originally wrote about it, but not much.