Wednesday, November 23, 2005

AdSense Referrals pay WHEN?

Who the heck is actually putting these new AdSense referral buttons on their web site and if so, has anyone actually signed up any webmasters from these buttons?

It seems to me that AdSense saturation is such that almost any webmaster that would be interested in AdSense already knows about it and probably already has it on their web site.

Besides, why in the hell would I want to tell my competitors to sign up with AdSense and help dilute my revenue? Simple economics dictates ad inventory surplus will result in lower payouts, and Google wants me to help them send my own income spiralling into the crapper .

Now what we'd be interested in is a referral fee for signing up NEW ADWORDS ADVERTISERS which would help increase the number of people bidding on the existing ad space, what a concept!

Next, let's explore when and or *IF* you'll ever get paid as your $100 bounty is only due and payable when the referred publisher is eligible for their first $100 payment which, from what I've read by many of the little site webmasters, could take 3-6 months.

Wow, now there's a real incentive Google, I'll rush right out and tack one of these buttons on my web site ASAP!


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