Saturday, November 26, 2005

Blogs Made For AdSense Hysteria

Well the villagers are up in arms and are heading to Blogger brandishing their pitchforks and torches claiming that Blogger is the root of all MFAs (Made for AdSense) which is some pretty narrow minded hysterical thinking.

The problem isn't Blogger or even that Google has made it easy to incorporate AdSense into your account, the problem is that lazy greedy people will use whatever means possible to get as much money as possible and the Blogger/AdSense combination just happens to be an easy way for the less technical people to access low hanging fruit for FREE.

If AdSense wanted a better reputation they wouldn't permit AdSense ads on any free web service of any sort which tends to attract people looking for webmaster welfare but Google wants just as much money as everyone else so all bets are off.

The premise of the webmaster welfare crowd is to, as Dire Straits put it, "Get your money for nothin’" as they don't believe in paying for a damn thing but expect something for nothing. Thanks to contextual advertising programs like AdSense some of them are being quite successful and that seems to irritate webmasters that actually attempt to provide a valuable service to earn the same money.

Let's face it, there are two approaches to making income with Adsense. The first is hard work to provide a valuable service that pays off in the long run. The second is to use the shotgun approach to blanket the web with little crappy sites designed just to snare clicks on the ads as people scramble to flee the site. While the complaints of the so-called legitimate webmasters can be appreciated there's also the possibility it's sour grapes talking as they didn't think of it first.

To spam or not to spam, to make for AdSense or not to make for AdSense, who cares!

Boys and girls it's a game of economics and if the MFA sites didn't work the advertisers would block the sites, smart pricing would drop their earnings per click to $0.01 each, and Google would ban the sites but that's apparently not happening so the incentive to keep cranking MFA sites is as strong as ever..

Money talks, deal with it.

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