Sunday, March 09, 2008

There Goes the Bad Neighborhood

Isn't it ironic that a day after I wrote about stopping snooping SEO tool's here comes one of them trying to crawl one of my websites.

The user agent and IP address are: []
"Bad-Neighborhood Link Analyzer ("
They were automatically blocked on my site because I white list only allowed user agents and they use an unauthorized user agent name, but they could always switch to mimic a browser so in the long run it's best to block the IP range.

Turns out Viviotech is the host of Bad Neighborhood's site:
OrgName: Vivio Technologies
NetRange: -
After you block this data center range the tools from Bad Neighborhood can't be used to scan your site, check your Apache server headers, or any other thing.

Sorry, but you're not allowed back into my neighborhood.

Buh bye.

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