Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Welcome to Opt-In Web 3.0 Politeness

Here's a fine example of how the internet may soon look with an email I got recently that actually asked permission to do something because they couldn't just take what they wanted without asking!

The following is slightly edited, but you get the idea:

We use a service called to provide xxxxxxxx of sites that we have links to on our site.

It appears that the is being blocked. I'm guessing this is a tool you use to block crawlers. You can see the error here:

Is there any way you can allow access of your site?
Yes, manners are still alive and well on the internet and someone has politely requested I punch a hole in the firewall and let them in.

I'm leaning towards YES just because they asked so nicely!

Witness one of the first steps in ending the Wild Wild Web.


Anonymous said...

Are they asking to access the whole site with their bot or, just one page?

- One page or all the pages they link to. Yes

- Whole site. No.

I can understand them wanting to verify that a page and/or pages they are linking to exists and the content is still relevent.

Anonymous said...

I love the title and agree, if web 2.0 is surviving the dot com crash and sites that delivered to investers what they promised (which I believe is what O'reily conversation originally started with) then web 3.0 is about surviving the spam.