Friday, January 11, 2008

Defective Norton AV Dumped for Avast, PC Runs Better!

Before you start hammering on me about Norton Anti-Virus being crappy bloatware, I already knew that, but it came pre-installed with the machine, never caused a problem other than a little slowness now and then, so just using it was easier that installing something new.

However, a couple of days ago Norton AV puked when I rebooted the machine and all bets were off.

Norton AV claimed that something Norton needed was no longer registered and directed me to some auto-fix located on their website. The auto-fix was a piece of shit, got a couple of web errors trying to use it. Finally, it was downloaded and ran but coughed up an error at the end telling me to run it again. Ran it again and it said it was installed properly and I should reboot. Rebooted the machine and it said the same shit wasn't registered and the same auto-fix said it was fixed.

I hate this fucking shit.

OK, fine, let's just uninstall and re-install Norton, that should fix the problem.

Yup, that error was fixed but I got 2 new ones in it's place.


OK, managed to resolve those errors and now Norton seems to be running fine.

Seems to be running fine is the operative phrase here.

Part of the Live Update won't update, keeps spiking the CPU and memory consumption, it's out of control. Tried to fix it to no avail because it seems that the file it downloaded to update just won't install properly so it's fucked and it locks up the machine trying to install it meaning I'm fucked when it's running.

To be quite blunt, I simply got tired of fucking with it at this point.

Simple solution, BYE BYE NORTON!

I use AVG on another machine and it's OK but I thought I'd give Avast a try this time.

Downloaded Avast and installed without a hitch, smooth sailing, no bullshit.

The best part is, Avast loads and runs faster so now my PC boots quicker and runs faster overall.

No more bloated Norton AV ever again and if Avast keeps working this good they'll keep my business.


Ban Proxies said...

Thanks Bill,
avast! 4 Home Edition FREE Download
I also use AVG but, I'm always looking for new "toys" :).

Seeing as you've already changed the OEM install on that machine, give server and desktop "Virtualization" some serious thaught. Having point and click access to both "nix" and ..dows opens up a news level of productivity.

Ian M said...

Avira is supposed to be good too (and also has a free edition) -

BlackBart said...

Two thumbs up for Avast. We have been using in at on our computers for 2 years without any hint of trouble. We got rid of Norton as well. That sucker liked to prevent itself from fully being uninstalled and left registry changes. Make sure you use Regedit to delete all Norton references.

Anonymous said...

I have used AVAST for one year when it suddenly failed me. An adWords ad on one of the websites (yes..courtesy Google) downloaded a Trojan which AVAST detected but could not stop from installing on my PC. Got the Blue Screen of Death. Now use F-Secure. It is very good.