Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Double iPod Storage with iDoubler from Analog Magic

Found out an old friend of mine who's a real smart guy wrote some cool software to compress music files on an iPod. This iPod software tool of his called iDoubler uses some real high tech audio analysis processing to reduce the size of MP3 files and others in half, without compromising quality, thus doubling the amount of storage on your iPod or other music players.

Most of the music stored on my Zen is in MP3 format so even if I didn't put twice as many songs on the Zen, using iDoubler would cut the upload time in half.

Anyway, I just thought that it would be worth mentioning iDoubler for the rest of you out there that may, like me, still have a music player with 5GB or less so we can jam yet more into our old trusty music players until prices and sizes drop on those fancy 30GB devices.

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