Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blog Tag - 5 Things You Don't Want To Know About IncrediBILL

I got tagged by SpamHuntress and Skore in the ongoing game of blog tag, maybe others tagged me, who knows.

Anyway, here goes with 5 things you don't know about me:

  1. Once upon a time I was a budding musician that played both soprano and bass clarinet in the St Joseph, MO Municipal Band playing Big Band music and Show Tunes. Also played a fair amount of classical in the Missouri Western State University's college symphony. However, I threw in the towel on tooting a horn when the computer bug bit me hard and it turned into a full-time career.
  2. After taking 4 whole years of French in high school, 15 years later spent 3 whole days in Paris. Now the irony is I didn't take typing in HS and took French instead, yet now spend all day every day typing at the computer and rarely ever speak French.
  3. Paintball is one of my favorite hobbies and I will shoot your ass where you stand and giggle with glee at your new found pain.
  4. I roller skate! Even backwards and sideways! We're talking about the REAL 4 wheel skates, none of that pansy ass inline skating crap.
  5. I love playing cards on Pogo.com and you can often catch me there as "IncrediBILL_" playing Spades, Hearts, Gin, Canasta, Cribbage, etc.. Bring your A-game if you look me up for a game or two as I'm a fierce competitor in cards, just ask my wife who I frequently trounce ;)
Now let's tag 5 people that might be interesting like Martinibuster, John Andrews, Willmacc, Phil Maher and Aaron Pratt.


Anonymous said...

oh crap, i guess I gotta come up with this 5 things now...mmm, this should be interesting.


Aaron Pratt said...

Thanks for the tag man but Lee Odden already tagged me. Tagging is sharing love so come over here you BIG red super hero and give me a hug man, I love you man! =P

John Scott said...

Dude! I tagged you too!



IncrediBILL said...

Sorry John, I didn't look too hard for how many tags I had, lazy I guess.

Aaron, calm down, you'll make my wife jealous... again...

Aaron Pratt said...

Ahhh ohhhh? =P